What is GypsyFest?!

Once again and with gusto, we're all getting together at The Highland Farm for an assemblage of music, superlocal delicious food, gravity defying games, art, activism, and good ol' fashion country hootin 'n hollerin to blow our bodies, minds, and souls into a hyperspace of irrational fun and exuberance. Yes. This. Is. GypsyFest.

Please join us between September 11th and 13th - Summer will be winding to a close, the burnished tones of fall will be sneaking across the landscape, and in a copse of woods in southwest Virginia, several hundred people will be sharing all the goodness and magic that they can with each other in order to save the world with pure unadulterated stoke.

We search for bands that have struck us as awesome, that we have remembered, or that we're trying to have others in the area see and love. We make a festival so we can see them all, meet them all, party, have a good time, and share their music with everyone we know.

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